Good Wishes

Good Wishes

Dr. S. B. Mujumdar, Our Founder & President
Dr. S. B. Mujumdar
Founder & President, Symbiosis Chancellor, Symbiosis International University

When the Lord willed that I start Symbiosis in 1971 as a small cultural and educational centre, little did I know that it will flourish into a huge educational tree with more than 45 branches. ELTIS was the first institute that I started under the Symbiosis umbrella in 1972. It was a felt need of international students to achieve proficiency in English so that they can undertake the under-graduate or the post-graduate courses in Indian universities. More and more of Indians and students from foreign countries whose English language skills are inadequate need to be proficient in this language in order to brighten their careers.

It pleases me that ELTIS and SIFIL have been consistently carrying on the mantle of enhancing the employment potential of Indian and international students by enriching them with communication skills in English and also with foreign languages.

With 7 successful conferences focusing on ELT (English Language Teaching), ELTIS is also contributing to shaping teachers for a better India.

My best wishes to ELTIS & SIFIL for their future endeavors in the field of language teaching.

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director
Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar
Principal Director, Symbiosis, Pune

Symbiosis has taken great strides towards internationalisation of higher education through a number of initiatives. ELTIS-SIFIL have also played an integral role in the internationalisation of education at Symbiosis. The presence of international dignitaries at ELTIS-SIFIL annual day signifies the continuing efforts of our university to internationalise its operations in terms of curriculum, faculty exchange and student profile.

We have embarked on a new chapter in our internationalisation journey. The 4 successful International Relations Conferences organised by SIU brought luminaries from across the world to discuss partnerships that could pave the way to a better future.
ELTIS-SIFIL works closely with the Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE) to ensure that efforts towards internationalisation are optimally planned and executed.
At the national level too, ELTIS-SIFIL have shouldered the responsibility of contributing to the cause of skill enhancement. Since 2007 ELTIS has been an academic partner of the Finishing School programme under the affirmative action of CII (The Confederation of Indian Industries). It has also been imparting English language training to disabled soldiers at QMTI (The Queen Mary’s Technical Institute, Pune) for more than six years.

I wish success to both ELTIS and SIFIL in their educational initiatives.

Dr. Ms. Rajani Gupte, Hon. Vice Chancellor
Dr. Ms. Rajani Gupte
Hon. Vice Chancellor, Symbiosis International University, Pune

Communication skills, language skills and soft skills definitely form the essential components of successful careers. Realizing the same Symbiosis International University tests the receptive and productive skills in English right at the stage of selection of students. In majority of our faculties and disciplines, English and foreign languages are prescribed as study areas.
The significance of humanities, language studies & liberal education cannot be underestimated even in the technology-driven & commerce-oriented world.
Enhancement of employability of our youth is a nationally important objective. I appreciate that ELTIS and SIFIL have been striving to channelise and foster the same through their varied courses for Indian as well as international students.

With globalisation of business climate all over the world, our future managers, lawyers, engineers, IT experts and all other professionals should aim at being multilingual.

ELTIS also pays due attention to building teachers’ abilities and capacities. Seven successful national level conferences have proved the same through their focused themes based on English language teaching.

My best wishes to ELTIS-SIFIL for continuing a strong progressive trend.

Anupam Siddhartha, Director
Anupam Siddhartha

In the changing world order, the field of education, like economy and technology has acquired global dimensions. Concise, clear and correct communication across the continents is an essential ingredient of the commerce and business scenario. Realising this need much in advance, ELTIS and SIFIL have geared up to fulfill the communication needs of international and Indian students. Enrollment of about 7000 students every year signifies the acceptance of the offerings of ELTIS and SIFIL at the national and international levels.

We look at teaching and learning of languages as an avenue of immersion into the broader stream of globalisation. Language skills, communication skills and soft skills are predominantly career tools today, apart from being vehicles of civilisation. All of us feel delighted to impart these essential skills, leading to career enhancement of students. By teaching English to students from about 30 countries and by teaching 7 other languages, ELTIS and SIFIL have been supporting the motto of the Symbiosis family, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The whole world is one family.

Languages are the corridors to reach international peace, brotherhood and harmony. ELTIS-SIFIL, being a part of international ethos cannot keep aloof from global trends and influences.  Hence we feel anguished particularly due to the armed strife in West Asia. Some of our students and their families also have suffered immensely. We earnestly and sincerely pray to the Almighty that peace returns to the world at his earliest convenience!

Dr. Vaishali Jundre, Deputy Director
Dr. Vaishali Jundre
Deputy Director, ELTIS-SIFIL

ELTIS has always been the ‘Skills Development’ wing of Symbiosis, since inception. Till date it has trained tens of thousands of students, international and Indian, in English and foreign languages.

Today when the Indian industries are concerned about poor communication skills of students of professional courses, ELTIS has been doing its bit by helping such students to be a part of the race of employability confidently, for 45 years. We also feel proud to have also completed ten successful years of shouldering the responsibility of running the Finishing School Programme, an affirmative action programme of the CII. Imparting training to disabled soldiers at the Queen Mary’s Technical Institute, Pune has also been a privilege.
Co-curricular initiatives like the Saturday English Speakers’ Club and Workshops on Presentation Skills have also helped students immensely.

With seven successful national conferences to its credit ELTIS aims strongly at fostering the knowledge and skills of teachers of English language. It pledges to do even better in days to come.

Encouraged by our seniors and supported by our able faculty members, ELTIS plans to reach out to more and more youth and give them an opportunity to learn English.