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Students with their Certificates!

Access Microscholarship Program 2018-20
The Valedictory function was held on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020

10th National Conference:

Hurray !!!

ELTIS has started it's first Video Conference Speakfast Course for Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya(RSM), Latur

200th session of English over Tea

One of the popular co-curricular activities at ELTIS, English over Tea completed its 200th session on January 21, 2020. The 200th session was celebrated on the theme ‘The Time Machine’.  The students at ELTIS got on the time machine and participated in various activities at different stalls. Each stall offered engaging activities that encouraged students to speak and write using correct grammar and appropriate vocabulary.

The stalls were:

Done and Dusted (The Past tense)

Students picked up chits from a bowl and shared incidents from their lives related to the words in the chit.

Students read short stories and retold them in their own words.

Here and Now ( The Present Tense)

Students played board games and spoke about their routine, habits, free time activities etc.

In the game Speaking Roulade students read facts and shared their opinions about them. A few of them also used present perfect to speak about changes in their lives.

Sooner and Later (The Future Tense)

Students completed the plot of the story after watching brief clips from movies and TV series.

Students pretended to be astrologers and predicted the future of their friends.

Tame your Words (Vocabulary)

Students created a list of words related to the word in the chit they picked up. The fun element here was that they picked a gem, and then picked up a chit with the same colour.

In pairs students enjoyed playing the famous board game Scrabble

Students also unscrambled a list of words given to them. Apart from this they made many words from a long word.

Time your Tale (Writing)

Students selected an Idiom or Proverb on Time and wrote a story in about 200    words. The best story was awarded a cash price of Rs.500.


Time for Treatment (English with doctors at ELTIS)

Students at ELTIS asked questions related to English and got their answers from the Doctors at ELTIS.

The event was a huge success as about 200 students participated very actively

and with enthusiasm.

ELTIS Student Speakers Shine!

An Elocution Competition for international students of the DPE&CS, August and October 2019 batches was held in the ELTIS auditorium on Thursday, 16th January 2020.

The judges for the competition were Mr. Shrinivas Chapekar (Visiting Faculty at ELTIS) and Ms. Apoorva Apte (Full-Time Faculty and Coordinator at ELTIS). The comperes for the event Ms. Jayoung Kim, a student of DPE&CS, and Mr. Sayed Nesar, a student of the October Intermediate class, did a wonderful job!

11 students of the Basic level and 13 students of the Intermediate level spoke persuasively about numerous topics such as ‘How has the Internet changed society?’, ‘The benefits of doing homework’, ‘The advantages and disadvantages of staying in a different country’, ‘Fitness has become an expensive affair’ and ‘Travelling makes you more open-minded’.

The students spoke with conviction despite experiencing stage fright. The judges appreciated the students’ language skills and elocution, thus encouraging them to continue polishing their public speaking skills. The competition successfully revealed several budding orators at ELTIS!

Winners (Basic level)
First positionAtthapan AnantanakkulThailandDPE&CS
Second positionSupadech SasiyossapongThailandDPE&CS
Runner-upAbdul QadeerAfghanistanAugust Basic
Winners (Intermediate level)
First positionSpain BuacanThailandDPE&CS
Second positionHouman Zaugaad BushehuiIranAugust Intermediate
Runner-upSunkang YanChinaDPE&CS
Speakfast Fest on January 10, 2020
English Film Festival on Sat. Nov. 30 and Sun. Dec. 1, 2019

150th screening of ELTIS Movie club!

English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis (ELTIS) organised a two-day English Film Festival on Sat. Nov. 30 and Sun. Dec. 1, 2019 at ELTIS auditorium on the theme Relationships

 The Chief Guest Shri. Bhupendra Kainthola, IIS Director FTII, Pune inaugurated the Film Festival and addressed the audience.  The guest of honour Prof. Anupam Siddhartha, Officer on Special Duty (OSD), Symbiosis International (Deemed University) Lavale, Pune presented a session titled ‘Introduction to Cinema’ .

Ten movies were screened on both the days. Every movie had a pre discussion followed by the screening and ended with an interesting and thought-provoking discussion on the movie. The audience appreciated the event as it highlighted and depicted different relationships in life.

October 24, 2019 - Masterclass in English
October 24, 2019 - Speakfast Fest

10th National Conference