Summer Courses

Summer Courses

Want to learn English quickly? Enhance your basic Speaking and Listening skills with the Summer Course at ELTIS and see your language reach new highs!
1 Objectives

To increase the students confidence in speaking English

To develop their ability to comprehend and analyze basic listening/spoken performances

To improve their pronunciation

To improve their ability to read, skim and scan basic reading materials

To help the students communicate effectively in social and other situations in which they may be called upon to use English

To train and equip the students as moderate users of English as a foreign language.

2 Duration A full-time 100 clock hours (20 clock hours per week) in 5 weeks
3 Days & time slots Monday to Friday, 11:05 am to 4.00 pm (45 minutes as lunch time)
4 Tuition Fee US$ 400 per student (to be paid in advance)
5 Fees Include

Training fees

Testing fees

Use of Computerized Language Laboratory

Use of Library facilities, incl. Net Cafe

Books & course materials

Cost of Students Guidebook

6 Fees do not include


Health insurance & medical treatment

Any personal expenses


Airport pick & drop

7 Accommodation (Optional)

Symbiosis hostels have limited seats, which get fully booked for the whole year and hence may not be available for short-term summer / winter courses.

It is quite common for International Students to stay in rented flats/apartments. If 3-4 students share an apartment, the expenses are similar to those at the hostel.

We can hire such apartments @ US$ 200 per student per month (to be paid in advance).

Students can buy food at our cafeteria or choose from many other options.

8 Airport Pick-up & Drop US$ 40 per student (Mumbai-Pune on arrival & Pune-Mumbai prior to departure)
9 Other administrative charges US$ 45 per student (for a group of 10 students)
10 Payment Fully in advance by Swift Code / Online in favor of ELTIS, Symbiosis.
11 Batch size Minimum 10. Maximum 20 and in multiples of 20. All charges are calculated on the basis of minimum batch size of 10 students.