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ELTIS is the centre for Cambridge Examinations and Training since 2011.

Cambridge offers a range of examinations for school children, young adults as well as working professionals. Unlike other English certifications, Cambridge certificates have lifelong validity. These are recognised in 25000 organisations in 130 countries.

Here is a range of examinations that you can take at ELTIS. We also train you for these examinations!

Cambridge Examinations for School Children: Age group 7-12 years

These examinations for young learners are brilliantly designed. They give children the confidence to use English for simple everyday situations. All three tests are based on the four language skills – listeningspeaking, reading, and writing. These examinations make language learning fun and enjoyable. These are on-demand examinations and can be taken any time of the year.

Three levels are:

  • Pre A1 Starters – Age group 7-11 years
  • A1 Movers – Age group 8-11 years
  • A2 Flyers – Age group 10-12 years

Cambridge General English Qualifications: Schools Age group (13-18 yrs.)

A2 Key for Schools (KET-S) – (Age group 13 to 15 yrs.) This qualification helps learners to develop their everyday English at a pre-intermediate level. It helps slightly older children to learn the basics of English and be able to communicate.

B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET-S) – (Age group 15 to 17 yrs.) This is an intermediate-level qualification for students who are clear about the basic concepts of English and now have practical language skills for everyday use. This certification helps students to become independent users of English.

Cambridge General English Qualifications: for 18 yrs. & above

A2 Key: (KET) is a basic-level qualification of Cambridge English. A beginner-level learner can take this examination to gain the confidence to use Basic English for simple everyday situations.

B1 Preliminary: (PET) is an intermediate-level qualification of Cambridge English. It certifies that candidates, who are clear with their basics, are able to manage some communicative tasks independently. They understand short official documents/ brochures/ letters and can respond correctly.

Cambridge Business English Qualifications:

B1 Business Preliminary – This qualification shows that you can use the basic grammatical structures and business vocabulary for workplace communication.

B2 Business Vantage – This qualification will prepare you with an intermediate level of grammar and business vocabulary. The participants are able to give extended responses and give opinions. This certificate will help them when applying for new jobs, getting a promotion, and for career growth.

C1 Business Higher – This qualification gives you the practical language skills you need to operate confidently at a senior level in global business. This certification states that the participants are proficient users of English and are able to use advanced business vocabulary. Their language comprehension is of high level and they can manage advanced communication.

Teaching qualification: Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

TKT is a series of modular teaching qualifications which test your knowledge in specific areas of English language teaching. It is an on-demand examination and can be taken any time of the year.

You can take a TKT if you are –

  • A pre-service or a practicing teacher
  • A person who can manage familiar and some unfamiliar situations using simple and some complex grammatical structures.
  • Teaching primary, secondary or adult learners
  • A teacher who wants to gain formal recognition of your experience, keep your teaching skills up to date, and develop your career opportunities.
  • A person who is interested in the certification irrespective of your teaching background and experience.

About the test: TKT has three modules which are tested in a series of multiple-choice questions. These three modules can be taken one at a time or in any order or combination.

  • Module 1 – Background to language learning and teaching
  • Module 2 – Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching
  • Module 3 – Managing the teaching and learning process

Certification: A participant gets a certificate for every module.

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