Extra-Curricular ActivitiesExciting Extracurricular Activities for Students at ELTIS Pune

Extra-Curricular Activities


  1. Agony Aunt

    Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that is no reason not to give it.

    A game with the advantage of team building and group effort alongside vocabulary learning.

    Be the emotional advisor to your peers and dear ones. Let’s play it!

  2. Comic World

    Follow the pictures to chain the words!

    Describe the images, and put the comic strip into the correct order. Guess and check answers!

  3. Couch Potato

    Hit the snooze button on your brain for a while and plunge into some engaging foreign language TV. Not interested in TV?

    Go for the popular OTT platforms. The online streaming service is gradually turning into a language-learning goldmine.

    So watch at your own leisure!

  4. Dead Poets Society

    Rhymes can build mental glossaries. Tap into your inner child and learn some nursery rhymes in your chosen language.

  5. Debate Club

    Listen. Pick side. Substantiate your choice.

    Debates: Listen to a controversial statement, and express your opinion. Explain your position and debate.

  6. Fine Print

    “Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.” – Mary Schmich

    Read online articles about photography, politics, beauty, sport, cats dressed up as sushi rolls or whatever it is that you normally enjoy reading.

    Have Google to your rescue for difficult vocabulary. The google translate extension allows you to turn webpages into an interactive dictionary so you can translate words by clicking on them.

  7. Impromptu Talks
    • Short speeches
    • Very little preparation
    • Great for toasts, meetings and workplace situations
    • Everyone has one it!
  8. Jumble Tumble
  9. Jumble Tumble

    Letter scramble
    Loved by almost everyone and one of the most traditional learning board games. Scramble is. It’s a quality game that improves your memory skills and vocabulary all at the same time.

    A step ahead…
    Word Jumble Race! A great game for practicing tenses, word order, reading & writing skills and grammar.

  10. Marooned

    “Desert island activity”

    Draw an item. Pass it on. Receive one item yourself. Convince the audience that you could survive with that one item on a deserted island.

  11. Movie Club

    Romance. Drama. Horror. Suspense.
    Name it and you get it all in movies!
    The best way to learn language in context.
    So why wait? Start your watch list and train your ears to the English language.

  12. Music Club

    Lyrics give us a sense of rhyme
    Songs give us a sense of rhythm
    Lyrics in songs give us the power of words!

    Listen actively to get vocabulary, pronunciation, meaning and entertainment at the same time!

  13. Never Have I Ever

    We all have stories that we have not spoken about.

    Let us spill the beans now and talk about one thing that they have never done!

  14. Pictionary

    Draw, guess, play and learn!
    Picture books and vocabulary books with bright colours and images help our memory to serve us better.

    So let’s get the visuals connected with the words.

  15. Quotable Quotes

    Learn some sayings

    Reading quotes and sayings in your chosen language is a great way to pick up some new vocabulary.
    Reading them up might also help you with wonderful Instagram captions!

  16. Radio Ga Ga

    Podcasts! A brilliant way of getting the ears ready to listen to a foreign language.

    Make the most of your smartphones by listening to a collection of digital audio files that are available for downloading or listening on the Internet.

  17. Readers’ Circle

    Words, spellings, structures, sentences and more in just reading something of your choice.

    There’s so much that this one simple activity can help you gain! Pick a book of your choice and get started!
    Happy reading!

  18. Riddle Me This

    Riddles are fun ways to use words effectively and create situations in people’s minds. Read or say riddles aloud to each other and explain to your children the different definitions of a single word e.g. school as in a place of learning or school as in a group of fish to help them understand the riddle better.

  19. Secret Word

    Let us test our listening comprehension!

    Pick a random topic and a random word that is unrelated to the topic. Hide the word in a speech about the topic. Others listen carefully to the speech and attempt to guess the secret word.

  20. Speakers’ Club

    An extremely engaging and fruitful activity, which helps one interact within a group. Common topics and interests but exchange of varied ideas and thoughts through speaking. Let us speak!

  21. Story Telling

    All our lives are full of real-life adventures. Sharing those stories helps us keep them fresh in our minds.

    A great way of communicating and exchanging experiences, let’s dive into the past and get them alive.

  22. True or False

    Figure out the lie!
    Catch the liar!
    Tell the class a story and the class must guess whether it’s true.

  23. Twitterati

    The most popular dwelling place these days, social media, can be a great way to learn and develop a language.

    The HelloTalk app, for instance, is specifically designed for language learners and connects you with native speakers so you can do language exchanges via text messages.

  24. What’s the Good Word?

    A classic word game that has you guess a set of words from clues in different formats!

    Play it to activate and enhance your vocabulary.

  25. Who’s Telling the Truth?

    Can you make a statement or answer a question with a straight face?

    A bluff game through basic interaction that allows students and teachers to get acquainted with each other in a fun way. It also helps to improve speaking skills which is an added benefit.

  26. Why So Serious?

    A little pain in the stomach isn’t a bad thing at all when caused due to lots of laughter.

    Especially when it helps in generating ideas and conversing in a certain language.
    Learn and laugh together!