Personal Interview

Beat your nervousness about facing interviews! Enroll yourself to Workshop on “Attending Personal Interviews”.

Our session aims to-

  • brief you about the most common interview errors and give you tips on how to overcome them
  • tell you how to answer confidently and differently to the most common interview questions and scenarios
  • develop strategies to make you stand out
  • polish and better your communication skills and soft skills
  • support and sell your story in an attractive package
  • follow the “prepare, practice and perform” technique
  • make you interview ready
Mock Interviews

Worried about how you will perform when giving your job interview, wondering how you will handle surprise questions…

Why not get a practice run by having a mock interview, conducted by one of our expert trainers along with an industry executive?

  • Get the experience of a job interview without the worry of failure
  • Polish the ability to quickly answer unexpected questions
  • Get valuable feedback that will help with your actual job interview
Presentation Skills

“Great speakers are not born, they’re trained” – Dale Carnegie

Do you want to be an effective presenter to communicate with confidence, overcome stage fright and wow your audience?

Well, then join us and:

  • Polish your speaking skills
  • Get tips and tricks of presenting well-organised material with confidence.
  • Get trained to improve your body language
  • Learn how to handle questions from the audience
Group Discussion

Group Discussions…an integral part of –

  • The selection process for top colleges
  • Job interviews
  • Meetings at work

Outshine others with your style and language; join the Workshop on Group Discussions!

Highlights of the session:

    • Prepare to speak on the topic
    • Learn to connect the prepared points to the on-going discussion
    • Share ideas and opinions with fellow participants
    • Master expressions to be used in a discussion
    • Develop discussion skills to be used in a formal or informal discussion
Resume Writing and Covering Letter

Welcome to the ‘write’ place!! Learn to draft effective covering letters and concise résumés that will help you land interviews!

What are you waiting for! Register now!

Email Writing

Do you find writing business emails challenging? Do you spend a lot of time wondering what to write in emails and how to reply to one?

We are here to help you write better emails that will lead to effective communication at your workplace.

In this workshop you will:

  • learn email structure
  • deal with a wide range of topics
  • write concise emails
  • use correct grammar and structure
  • improve your email etiquette
English Vocab in Use

Master your vocabulary and pave your way to success!

Words…they tickle your brain…they make you think…they build your imagination…they are fun!

Workshop Highlights:

      • Understand essential elements of vocabulary
      • Learn new words in context
      • Get to know fine tones in word meanings
      • Explore word learning techniques
      • Participate in engaging games and activities

Hurry!!! Sign up and explore the power of words!

Speakers’ Club

Standing on a stage..
Winning audience attention…
Speaking English language fluently…
Do you wish to master all of that?
If yes, then Speakers’ Club is what you’ve been looking for!

What will you achieve by attending?

    • Gain confidence by speaking in front of strangers
    • Speak in front of a live audience
    • Get valuable feedback, tips and advice on Public Speaking
    • Learn effective ways to get your audience’s attention
    • Gather vast knowledge on a variety of topics
    • Gain different perspectives and insights

Prepare, Present and Prosper!

Readers’ Circle

Reading is a joy! Have you experienced it?

No? Well then, join ELTIS Readers’ Circle and open the doors of sheer pleasure for yourself!

    • Read a variety of texts
    • Hone your reading skills
    • Participate in discussion with fellow reading enthusiasts
    • Exchange reading recommendations with fellow readers!

Reading is a journey like no other! As Margaret Atwood put it, “A word after a word after a word is power.”

Movie Club

“Language learning can be fun!” All you need to do is pop in, sit back, and watch a movie in English, at the ELTIS Movie Club!!! Yes, it’s that simple!!!

  • Watch interesting English movies
  • Learn new words in context
  • Get exposure to a variety of different English accents
  • Engage yourselves in interesting and interactive discussions
  • Have fun participating in language activities

Why should only classrooms and books have all the fun? Hurry! Register now!

Hinglish Minglish

Finding it hard to understand English concepts… we are here to help you understand the concepts of English with the comfort of Hindi and Marathi.

  • Ask questions and get answers in Hindi and Marathi
  • Understand the sentence structure of English with an explanation in Hindi and Marathi.

It is okay if you are not able to make questions in English! ELTIS is with you!

Students’ Katta

A cool place to hang out and speak your mind out. A great opportunity to interact with ELTIS faculty and fellow participants informally and discuss any topic at hand.
The key features of Students’ Katta-

  • An opportunity to interact with faculty freely
  • A chance to converse with students from other batches
  • A platform to ask questions confidently
  • An activity to share opinions without a language barrier

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