I am Ashish Chandane, an alumnus of your esteemed institution. I hope this email finds you safe and well. The purpose of writing this email is to express my gratitude and let you know that your decision of helping a student like me in my adverse situation has been helped me immensely to excel in my education. 

Thank you for everything.

Warm regards,

Ashish Shahu Chandane


This course was very useful for me. It helped me in gaining confidence while communicating and prepared me to speak fluently and freely in public. My speaking and reading skills have been greatly enhanced since this course began. This course increased my knowledge about English. Every day we learned and discussed a new topic.

Thank you for everything.

Warm regards,

Mahika Arora

SEEC 1 Weekend Batch.

Although it is a weekend batch course, but I did benefit a lot from it. I appreciated all the effort the teachers, Punit sir and Niva ma’am put in. I would like to give my feedback as below: In a conclusion, by taking the course, my English communication skills were really improved. Thank you very much, all of the teachers.

Chenxi Yin

I would like to extend a warm thank you to the entire ELTIS team for organizing an amazing business writing skills course. Not only were the sessions very informative but the training material that was provided was also very interesting. What I enjoyed the most about the class was the process of making learning so much fun! I want to thank the teacher and Team Symbiosis which was involved in the process of making this online course so productive. It was a great job and I look forward to attending more skill developments courses with you in the future.

Chand Patel

I learned a lot in this class and almost all topics which are required for business communication like report writing, telephone etiquette, complaint letter, order placement letter, informal letter were covered during the sessions. Also, there was a lot of focus on writing due to which I feel more confident when writing an email now. The teaching methods were wonderful and refreshing and the activities conducted in the class helped me learn from my mistakes.Thank you for your help and support.

Nishigandha Patil

I am writing this feedback for the Business Communication Course that was conducted between January 6 and February 15. I attended all classes except one. The teacher was skilful and knowledgeable who guided us and tried to answer all our questions. The content of the course is good and I am sorry that I could not completely focus on it because my meeting time and the course time was the same and so it was a little bit stressful for me.

Sharad Bendre

Hi, I am Darshan Gaikwad, student of ELTIS SEO-1. I am very satisfied with ELTIS speaking class. When I saw one and half month back and compared it with my present, I am more confident in speaking English. This class helped me a lot and has inspired me to keep learning English. The teachers are very helpful; they always came out with solutions about our problems. I specially thank Sarika ma’am.

Darshan Gaikwad


I joined ELTIS a month ago and I to sum up the experience I had during the class, I would say that it was simply excellent! Before the class I was very shy and unable to speak confidently in English with people but after attending the classes, I can speak English a lot more fluently and confidently. I really enjoyed the class and Sarika ma'am is very supportive and encouraging,Thank you ELTIS!

Madhav Yeole


I had joined ELTIS 40 days ago and enjoyed my experience with the classes lot. I want to thank my teacher, Sarika ma’am for encouraging us to speak and learn from our mistakes. So, definitely I had gained the confidence that I would speak in English. I know that to reach fluency I need more practice and I will work on that. I really enjoyed the class, the students were also enthusiastic. So we never felt bored. We had attended 2 sessions - Dr.B.R.Ambedkar & International Mother language day, both were amazing and interesting.

Vishal Patil

Hello, I am Prajakta Basakare, I joined ELTIS on 28th Feb 2021. And now am sharing my experience with the ELTIS class and Sarika Ma'am. First, I want to thank Sarika Ma'am. You are such a great and supportive person. I have learnt so much from this ELTIS class. Before joining the class, I was afraid to speak English. I am now building up on my confidence and am learning so many new words from this class. All the credit goes to ELTIS!

Prajakta Basakare

I joined ELTIS class a month ago and I'm so grateful for the learning experience I had. I was very satisfied with everything. All the PPTs and word files sent by the SEO-1 teacher were so good. The teachers have a very nice way of teaching, they are friendly and encouraging in our learning process, especially their way of explaining and introducing each topic is really good. I have definitely gained a lot of confidence in speaking. I really enjoyed the class & Sarika ma'am is very supportive. Thank you Mam

Shivani Govind Biradar

My name is Gungewad Shivani Chandrakant and I am student of SEO-1 ELTIS one month ago. My experience is quite good with ELTIS class and our teacher Sarika ma’am is very supportive. In class ma’am gave us a chance to communicate with each other. My English is now a lot better than before and this is only because of the ELTIS classes. I have gained a lot of confidence and speaking. I really enjoyed attending class every day. Thank You Ma’am and Thank You ELTIS!

Gungewad Shivani Chandrakant

Hi, this is Kalyani Deshmukh. I joined this ELTIS SEO 1 class a month ago. I was not that confident of speaking in public. Also my English grammar was weak. Here, I met wonderful English teacher Sarika ma’am. She just turned my fear into confidence. About class timings she was very punctual and careful. She always gave a chance to each and every student to communicate with each other in class.

Kalyani Deshmukh

Dear Vidisha Chirmulay mam, I feel so lucky to have a teacher like you. I would like to thank you for all the great effort you made for us throughout the course. Your teaching style is incredible. You explained everything in a simple way. The course syllabus was great, which covered almost every aspect of life events.

Sandip Deshmukh

Really this Functional Grammar class has been very helpful for me in my day to day activities and in boosting my confidence level. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course.

Aparna Katke

Dear Ma'am, It was a nice experience to learn from you. You are one of the teachers whose memories will stay forever with me. The work you did is incomparable but still I just want to thank you from my bottom of heart. Thank you ma'am for everything

Bharat Durge

I am Swaroopa Patankar working in Symbiosis Teaching Learning Resource Centre (STLRC), SIU. I have completed the course of Functional Grammar. The course was conducted by Ms. Suvarna Karne ma'am. Ma'am was very supportive. Now all the basic grammar concepts have been cleared. She taught us in a systematic way. It has increased my confidence while speaking English. All sessions were very useful. My vocabulary has increased. Her teaching style was very simple and easy to understand.

Swaroopa Patankar

I am Sagar Joshi working in the STLRC department at SIU. I have completed the course of English grammar. The English grammar course was very effective for us. It has helped us in improving our English grammar skills & I have started studying & concentrating on it. All the sessions were very useful. It has increased my interest towards English vocabulary.

Sagar Joshi

ELTIS is a great learning Institute for all English learners. I joined an online Advanced English course and I had a really great experience on the course. I admire the way our teacher, Vidisha Madam taught us and corrected our grammatical errors.

Archana Mahajan

Hello. My name is Mi Ae, Shin. I am from South Korea. I would like to share my feedback on the Advanced English course, that I recently took. The course covered a number of topics, such as Health and Managing Stress, Veganism, Food Idioms (which I found it very interesting), Social Networking, Job interviews, Hospitality and Service Industries, New Inventions, etc. Those topics were very interesting and the class atmosphere was very cordial. I always looked forward to meeting my

Mi Ae, Shin

Today I am sharing my personal views about the English speaking class of a very renowned institute i.e. Symbiosis. I joined the ‘Smart English for Effective Communication’ course on the 6th of January, 2021. I really like the entire process of admission. When anyone wants to join the class, they just have to make a call to the team and they will suggest a particular level of class that would best suit the aspirant after which you can register or enrol yourself for the classes.


Today I am little bit upset because our Functional Grammar class is over. I will miss these classes a lot because they have given me confidence to speak in English. First, I was a little bit worried that how the class is and how the class teacher will be. But after the meeting with Suvarna Ma’am, I inspired a lot from her. She’s so confident, energetic and fearless. She keeps us every time alert.

Pradeep Gaikwad

I had a really great experience learning Business Communication and Effective Writing from ELTIS! My teacher, Carolann Ma’am was the best teacher till now I have got and this course specifically was very important for me and very helpful because this lockdown was like, so much hard for me to be living alone, so this was the only way to interact with other people than my family.

Apurva Nawale

Despite the pandemic, I was able to learn a lot from the Spoken English Online course at ELTIS. I could overcome minor and major flaws in my language. This course definitely polished my English speaking skills in all the aspects.

Saurabh Surve


I liked the entire session . The live classes were interactive . I never felt bored in the class . It helped me to boost my confidence and vocabulary . Debates on controversial topics and creating ppt were my favourite part of the session.

Yashika Panjwani


 It was a great experience .I have learned many new things .I have gained confidence of speaking English in front of everyone. 

Thank you sir for being such a great mentor to me.

Pragati Jadwani


 You are the best teacher I have ever had for English. I learn a lot from you. I like the way you treat every student, the way you solve queries of mine and other students and your way of teaching. You have made this course easy for me. 

I want to thank ELTIS for this course. I will miss this wonderful course, colleagues and of course wonderful teacher like Carolann who made my journey easy.

Snehal Khavle

 You are a kindhearted, polite and well-disciplined mentor. It was a short but sweet course, I enjoyed it a lot. I learnt different vocabulary and their usage. After a long time, I realised that what we learnt in school days was only mugging up grammar rules but at ELTIS my teacher explained each part of speech with their actual usages.

I learnt many new things from this class. The position of adverb, when to use despite, inspite of and, many more. I am really thankful from my bottom of heart for making my learning fruitful and enjoyable.

Dr. Vaishali Kambale


 Thank you so much for teaching us the basics of English and the grammar to improve our communication skills. ELTIS faculty is resourceful, innovative, dedicated, motivated and caring too. Functional grammar class helped us a lot to improve our communication skills and drafting skills.

Study materials provided by faculty was valuable and the creative presentations kept us active throughout the session. I enjoyed the learning at ELTIS. I really feel confident after completing the sessions. In my opinion, "ELTIS is the best institute for learning English!” "Join ELTIS, Enjoy Learning and feel Confident"

Mrs. Punam Ghate


 I completed my “Functional grammar” course with ELTIS. I would like to thank ELTIS teachers for the efforts they took to improve our English.

It is not easy to conduct classes online but I would like to appreciate the efforts to make the class more interactive. Teachers paid attention to resolve everyone’s queries and correct the pronunciations. It’s been a wonderful learning experience with ELTIS.

Dr.Prajakta Nagane

Medical Officer in Charge,Symbiosis Centre of Health Care

 The sessions were very interactive and informative. It helped me improve upon my spoken English at workplace. Now I can clearly understand the difference between official emails in English versus speaking the language. It was very easy to understand through PowerPoint presentations and exercises to clear the concept of Modals and Question Tags in English language. The doubts were explained very well. I had a great experience talking in the class specially on the spot topics given by my teacher Dr. Yogita Madam.

Ritul Verma

Information Officer,SCIT

 The training session was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it! The content was informative and useful. The teacher was very supportive and did a wonderful job. I appreciate the efforts taken by ELTIS. Thank you.

Nazneen Sayyed

 I take pleasure in sharing my feedback for Spoken English Online (SEO) level -1 online class.

 The course content was good which improved my confidence to speak. The activities conducted by my teacher, Vinod Jangle during the course were really helpful for all of us.

 The teacher encouraged us and made us comfortable during this period. He was patient and guided each and every student for further improvement. He was a really good mentor to us. I would like to join the second level under his supervision.

Devyani Bobade

 The structure of Spoken English Online Course is very good. The content of the course is excellent and the teaching style of the teacher Vinod Jangle is very good. The sessions conducted by him were excellent and time bound.

 He cleared our doubts very patiently.I also appreciate his efforts on our pronunciation. Overall I enjoyed learning with ELTIS!

Mrs. Kavita N. Yadav

 I really want to appreciate and thank ELTIS for giving us such a wonderful Teacher! The way Vinod Jangle interacted with students, his way of teaching, making learning so interesting and explaining everything was outstanding. When he was giving feedback about our English speaking, it was really valuable to us and because of you ELTIS, today I can speak English very well. I feel confident while speaking English and I want to thank my teacher for being such an amazing person and mentor.

Kalyani Bokade

 The teacher, Vinod Jangle was good because he gave detailed explanations and helped us when we were stuck with a problem. He also took activities that we enjoyed doing and always made it easy and fun to learn. The teacher also had a lot of patience and explained things well. He was also very kind and I really enjoyed learning with ELTIS. You are the best institute for English teaching and learning and I thank you again.

Rushabh Aute

 The teacher, Vinod Jangle was very good. I understood everything he taught. I enjoyed a lot in this class. I am very grateful to ELTIS for this opportunity and will continue level 2 after some gap.

Afrin Inamdar

 I thank ELTIS for giving me an opportunity to learn with them. The teacher of my batch, Vinod Jangle, was good. He had a nice teaching style.

 He gave us good suggestions for improvement and also gave us feedback on our speech.

Smruti Bhandakkar

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